Network & Computers

Small Business Network & Computers Services

To operate efficiently and increase the productivity of a group of employees, a network of desktop PCs, Servers, network switches, routers, peripherals and software applications are essential tools for any business organization. As the organization grows, its network becomes more complex. Since the hardware and software products are made by different vendors, pinpointing any technical problem within the network becomes a very difficult task. Most of the times, it results in finger pointing among technicians of different vendors, and a frustrated customer.

MDEC has kept its small business customers happy for years by providing them the hardware, software, network services and technical support. Whenever there is a problem, our customer has to make only one phone call.

School Computers

Medical Office Computers

Small Business Computers

Onsite Consulting

As your business grows, you will need to expand your network, add more PCs and peripherals, and upgrade your Server. Planning of your IT expansion at an early stage will help you in the long run. Our experienced consultants will evaluate your present & future needs, and assist you in planning and developing the roadmap for your IT growth, while you focus on the growth of your business.

Network Services

MDEC provides network design & installation services to small & medium businesses. Our technicians will design your network that is capable of growing cost-effectively along with your business.

Network cables installation for LAN (local area network) and Internet
Network equipment installation, setup and configuration
Servers, desktop PCs and peripheral equipment setup and configuration

Software Services

MDEC offers software installation, upgrading, data conversion, and configuration services for small businesses, schools and medical offices.

 Operating SystemsWindows 2000, NT, Me, 98, 95 and DOS
 DatabasesFileMaker Pro & Microsoft Access; design and customization
 Office SoftwareMicrosoft Office XP, Office 2000, MS Publisher; Word Perfect Office 2002 & 2000
 Medisoft SoftwareFor insurance company/patient billing and appointment scheduling for physicians’ office
Accounting Software Peachtree Complete Accounting


Data Protection & Recovery Services

The Internet has revolutionized the world during last few years. While it provides a window to the world for a user, it also makes his computer vulnerable to viruses and hackers. This problem becomes more serious for a business where the valuable data is stored on a networked Server.

To protect your valuable data against viruses and unauthorized hackers, MDEC’s experienced technician will install and configure worlds leading Antivirus and Firewall software by Symantec Corporation. However, if your Server or PCs get affected by a virus, our technicians have the expertise to completely remove the virus and recover your valuable data.

Website Design Services

Today, almost every business, small or large, has access to the Internet. But many small businesses don’t have their own website yet. The main reason for not having is the high cost of design and development of the website itself.
Since MDEC has a well established IT Development Center in India, where the labor cost is much lower as compared to the US, we are in a position to offer website design services to small businesses (in the US and Europe) at up to 50% lower cost.


School Computers
Medical Office Computers
Small Business Computers



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