R&D Capabilities

IT & Engineering R & D Capabilities

R & D... the basic need for survival
The Research & Development is the backbone of any technology organization. It enables any organization to stay ahead of competition in a rapidly evolving business world. The IT & Engineering technologies themselves are evolving at a fast pace. The rapidly changing technologies have shortened the average life-cycle of many software and hardware products. To survive in a highly competitive world, an organization must continually develop new products. R & D has become a basic necessity for any technology company.

Innovative Technical Solutions
Innovation is the seed for the birth and healthy growth of any new technology. The technology acts as the foundation for the software/hardware products. A unique technology forms the basis for the design of new products, and sets them apart from the competition.
Innovation is more of an art than a science. Innovation is a creative talent that cannot be taught nor learned. Very few people are born with this natural gift.
MDEC International is fortunate to have its founders with proven innovative skills, solid R & D experience, and a realistic vision of the future. For the last 25+ years, they have created innovative technical solutions for organizations such as NASA, 3M and Honeywell. MDEC has the capabilities and resources to create innovative technology solutions for almost any software/hardware products for its customers.

Cost Effective Design & Development
Once a new technical solution is created, the next challenge for your organization is to design and develop the software/hardware products. No matter how superior the technology is, if the end products are not cost effective, they cannot be deployed in the market. Due to high labor costs in the US and Europe, the development cost of new products is also high.

Recognizing this problem, MDEC had established its Development Center in India. Because of lower cost of IT & Engineering professionals available in India, MDEC is able to realize more than 50% cost savings for Design & Development projects for its US & European customers.


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