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Incorporated since 1990 in Maryland (USA), MDEC is an 8(a) certified international Information Technology (IT) & Engineering company with customers, resellers and offices in 11 countries . Our customers include U.S. government agencies, international corporations, small to midsize businesses (SMBs), medical/healthcare organizations, and educational institutions. For nearly 20 years, MDEC has established a successful track record of creating innovative and cost-effective technology solutions. MDEC's accomplishments include: Designing and building NASA satellites, electronic hardware/software engineering for the Space Shuttle , custom software and web based solutions for small businesses and international companies.

MDEC opened its research and development (R & D) center in India in the beginning of 2001. This strategic move was initiated to combine state-of-the-art technology available in the U.S. with cost-effective, top quality software professionals and engineers in India . Our U.S. engineers perform the system level design while our India programmers develop the software and hardware. Together, we make a winning team providing the best quality products and services at affordable prices to our customers around the globe.

Primary Strengths

  • 18+ years of Information Technology (IT) & Engineering experience
  • 7+ years of custom software and website development experience for global clients
  • Track record of successfully completing R&D projects for NASA satellites and Space Shuttle
  • Established history of providing Innovative Technical Solutions for complex problems

Highlights of MDEC Accomplishments

NASA Hardware/Software Projects

NASA Hardware/Software Projects

  • Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) Satellite (2006 Nobel Prize Winner)
  • Gamma Ray Imaging Spectrometer (GRIS) worked for 12+ years without failure
  • Micro Control Unit, Aviation Interface Assembly; other Space Shuttle projects
  • Remote Oculometer software to monitor and record eye movements of a pilot in a flight simulator

Physician2patient Network

An Information Technology network for the U.S. healthcare industry based on patented technology (US patent no. 7,613,620 ), including design and maintenance of website:

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Poult-Soft Software product line

MDEC's product line for the global veterinary industry with customers in 11 countries:

Layer version; Broiler version; Hatchery version; Feed Manager; Integrated version; Processing Plant version; ERP version (Web based Enterprise solution)

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Custom Software Applications

  • A Web/Client-Server application for Pedigree co. serving as a nationwide portal for company customers in India
  • Many other applications

Custom-Built Servers & RAID Storage

Designed, built and installed world's fastest Alpha Server/RAID system at Department of Commerce in Washington , DC

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SBA 8(a) Certification
DUNS Number :
EIN Number :

NAICS Primary Code:       541511 (Custom Computer Programming)
NAICS Secondary Codes: 
541512 (Computer Systems Design Services)
                                     541519 (Other Computer Related Services)
                                     541330 (Electronic Engineering Services)


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