High Performance Servers

For every organization, small or large, the basic purpose of having a Server is to store, protect and deliver the business data to all authorized users. The Server should be fast enough to deliver data to every user over the network without any delays. Since the business data for every organization is crucial, the Server must provide protection against hardware failures, viruses and unauthorized users.

Every MDEC Server is designed to provide data protection features as a basic necessity, not an option. Since the power supplies and hard drives are the most common causes of hardware failures, all MDEC Servers come with dual redundant powersupplies and RAID (with minimum of two hot-swap hard drives) as standard features. A server without redundancy is nothing more than a PC.

MDEC International specializes in creating technical solutions to enhance the productivity of any organization. Most of the Information Technology projects are viewed as expenses by the organization’s management. But since MDEC solutions improve the productivity of its customers, resulting in time & labor cost savings, our solutions pay for themselves. MDEC consultants focus on analyzing customer’s business processes, and design a complete solution that will increase the overall efficiency.

Small Business Servers

Always On Servers

HPTC Servers

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