In today’s 24x365 business world, organizations cannot afford any downtime for their Servers. Any hardware or software failure must not interrupt the mission critical applications. In order to ensure the highest levels of productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability, your IT infrastructure requires near 100% availability of the Servers.

The solution is MDEC’s AlwaysON Cluster Servers!


Choice of Intel, AMD and Alpha CPUs

RAID storage from 18GB to multi-terabytes

Highly ScalableServers up to 16  Nodes

Performance of a Mainframe at a fraction of the cost

Cluster Server Solution means no Single Point Failure

No down-time for your mission-critical applications

Reliable hard drives with up to 1 million-hours M.T.B.F. (mean time between failures)

Linux (Red Hat), Windows 2000/NT, and True64 UNIX operating systems

Three-year onsite warranty


MDEC engineers will custom-build a Server for your specific needs, no matter how demanding your applications are.

•Internet Server for an ISP

    ·E-Commerce Server
    ·Healthcare Services Server
    ·Educational Application Server

• Intranet Enterprise Server

• Database Server

• File/Print Server

• Mail Server

• Data Center


An AlwaysON Cluster consists of a minimum of two Servers connected to a shared RAID to store the mission critical data. Redundancy and hot-swap capability is provided at every level within the cluster, including power supplies, hard drives, and Servers. Each Server has identical configuration including the Operating System and software applications. The AlwaysON cluster is designed to tolerate any single-point failure (hardware or software) at any time. The hot-swap capability of the cluster allows you to replace the failed component, or add a component, without turning off the power. Thus, the AlwaysON cluster Servers continue providing service without interruption, enabling your organization to have 24x365 business operation.

AlwaysOn Servers


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