IT  & Engineering Consulting

Innovative technical solutions, which are practical to implement in a competitive business world, have been the foundation of MDEC International since 1990. MDEC offers consulting services to its customers, starting at the corporate level, down to software coding.

   Corporate (Entrepreneurial) Level Consulting

MDEC Internationalís entrepreneurial consultants, each with 20+ years of experience, work with its customerís corporate executives (CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, VP etc.) as team players, and assist them to do the following tasks:

 Study customerís existing products, services and market segment, and carve-out a new market niche.

 Define new products/services to be introduced in the market niche.

 Conduct feasibility study for the new products/services, including financial analysis and comparison with the competition.

 Evaluate commercially available technologies needed to implement new products/services.

 Evaluate customerís Intellectual Property, conduct Patent research, create new technology, write technical documents for patent applications, and assist patent attorney to defend and obtain patents for the customers.

 Create a Business Plan, including Business Strategy, for the new technology/product/services.

 Prepare technical & marketing presentations, and make presentations on behalf of the customer to investors.

   Project Level Consulting

MDEC Internationalís engineering consultants, each with 10+ years of experience, assist its customers in deploying new technologies, products and services by performing the following tasks:

 Create Project Management Plan including facilities, manpower and financial resources.

 Create Project Requirements Specification for the customerís new products/services.

 Evaluate and select commercially available Software & Hardware tools.

 Evaluate and select type of network and networking equipment.

 Create Project Design, Development, QA and Test plan.

   Development Level Consulting

MDEC professionals are experienced in the fields of hardware, software and networking. We carefully select the most suitable professionals to meet/exceed your on-site needs. Our senior staff continually monitors the on-site employees, and provides them with technical assistance to assure complete satisfaction to MDEC customers. MDECís on-site consultants are experienced to provide the following services:

 Software Development and maintenance.

 Database Design, Development and Administration.

 Web-Site Development and Graphics Design.

 Network design, configuration and maintenance.

 Electronic Engineering Design & Development.

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