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Leading US companies such as GM, Motorola, GE, Microsoft and IBM have saved millions of dollars by outsourcing software development to India.

Wouldn’t you like to follow their footsteps?

350 years ago, the Indian artisans built the Taj Mahal, which became  one of the seven Wonders of the World. Today, Indian Engineers and Programmers are playing a major role in building the infra-structure for tomorrow’s technologies.

MDEC International, a US corporation with its R&D center in India, has been developing top quality custom software applications and websites for less than HALF THE PRICE for its customers around the globe since 2001.

MDEC International…Your Software Outsourcing Partner! MDEC International is the only partner you will need for all your software & web development projects. MDEC engineers & programmers have the skills & experience developing custom software applications for large as well as small organizations. For nearly 20 years, we have developed NASA’s scientific applications for earth and space, HIPAA compliant web-based medical applications (, and commercial Client/Server applications for customers such as Pedigree. MDEC has developed its own product line Poult-Soft currently used by our customers in 11 countries. MDEC has the capabilities to develop any application for you cost effectively.


Software & Web Development Capabilities 
MDEC International is dedicated to developing the highest quality custom software at the most competitive prices. MDEC software engineers are highly qualified, with Masters and Bachelors degrees. Outstanding academic achievements, hands-on experience in designing state-of-the-art applications, and technical guidance provided by experienced & innovative MDEC engineers in the US are the basic ingredients to make a true winning team. Our experienced programmers have the expertise to develop software in the following areas:

  • Custom Applications 

Ø       Web/Client-Server applications

Ø       Medical & Healthcare

Ø       CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Ø       Business Process Management

Ø       Educational

Ø       Financial/Accounting

Ø       ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Ø       Aerospace/Scientific

Ø       Bioscience & Technology

Ø       Industrial Control Systems

Ø       E-Commerce

v      B2B (Business to Business)

v      B2C (Business to Consumers)

Ø       Computer Ergonomics

Ø       VOD (Video On Demand)

  • Website Design & Maintenance

Ø       Graphic design, Animation, Custom images

Ø       Content Authoring

Ø       XML, HTML, JavaScript & VbScript

Ø       Server-Side programming (.NET, .ASP, JSP, Servlets); Java Applets

Ø        Others

  • Databases

Ø       Microsoft SQL 2005, MS Access

Ø       Oracle 9i, MySQL 5.0, FileMaker Pro


MDEC Software Development Process

Onsite Consulting

Unlike other offshore outsourcing companies, MDEC is an International company incorporated in Maryland (USA) since 1990 with its R&D center in India. Therefore, we are positioned to provide onsite consulting services to our customers in the US, India and neighboring countries cost effectively.

Our experienced engineers/programmers visit customer sites and have in-depth discussions with customer’s management and key employees to analyze their requirements and needs. They translate customer requirements into software project specifications, and send it to our India office, where the actual software development work is done to reduce the total project cost. During the design & development cycle, MDEC veterans in the US constantly mentor its engineers & programmers in India to enforce high quality assurance standards. At the same time, they regularly communicate with the customer personnel to accommodate their evolving needs and to assure complete customer satisfaction.


Innovative Technical Solutions

Once the software project requirements are defined, the next important milestone is to define the technical solution. Our senior engineers have proven innovative skills, solid R & D experience, and a realistic vision of the future. For the last 30+ years, they have created innovative technical solutions for organizations such as NASA, 3M and Honeywell. MDEC has the capabilities and resources to create innovative technology solutions for almost any software/hardware product for its customers.


Cost Effective Design & Development

Once a new technical solution is created, the next challenge for any organization is to design and develop the software/hardware products. No matter how superior the technology is, if the end products are not cost effective, they cannot be deployed. Due to high labor costs in the US and Europe, the development cost of new products is always high.

Recognizing this problem, MDEC has established its Development Center in India. Because of the lower cost (when converted to US dollars) of IT & Engineering professionals in India, MDEC is able to offer more than 50% cost savings for design & development projects to its customers.

Project Management & Monitoring

Our international R&D team has successfully completed many software projects during last 7 years. During the project life-cycle, MDEC enables its customers around the globe to continually monitor the progress of the project. You remain in touch with our US and Indian team members through telephone & Internet, and site visits by our consultants. Meetings are held at your office when requested, and a status report is furnished by MDEC’s project manager prior to the meeting. Our team members (in US as well as in India) are only a phone call away 24 hours a day.


Quality Assurance

Since 1990, MDEC has successfully completed many software and hardware projects for customers such as NASA. To ensure high quality end-products, MDEC assigns two QA teams for each project. The software is thoroughly tested by our QA staff in India before release. The final testing is done in our US office before delivering the end-product to the customer.

Help Desk & Tech Support

The technical support for the software applications is provided by our international team. MDEC’s escalation policies insure that proper resources are made available to its customers in a timely manner.


Remote Software Maintenance

Our facility in India is equipped with resources to enable its QA staff and programmers to remotely debug, modify and enhance your software applications using a secure & dedicated Internet connection.



Data & Code Security

MDEC takes great care to assure that the software application code as well as data is transmitted between its US and Indian office with high level of security. State-of-the-art data encryption technologies are utilized to assure data transmission security.


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